The road to success is always under construction.

Lily Tomlin
  • Construction of a biogas factory in Chernihiv region.
  • Volume of storage is increased to 60000 tons at the grain elevator in Maliy Listven village (Chernihiv region).
  • Relocation of the central office in Chernihiv to a modern and comfortable building in the Black Wood Tower business center.
  • Considerable increase of the land bank in the Chernihiv region.
  • Provision of housing for the Company's employees moving to Druzhkivka and Chernihiv from the occupied zones.
  • construction and putting into operation a private grain elevator in Chernihiv region (Maliy Listven vil.). 4 metal silos of 5000 tons each, the volume of one-time storage is 20000 tons. Листвен). 4 металеві банки місткістю 5 тонн кожна, обсяг одночасного зберігання – 20 тис. т. В найближчій перспективі – значне розширення потужностей елеватора.
  • The “East” Group office is opened by Beta-Agro-Invest in Druzhkivka.
  • Beginning of cultivation of leased land in Chernihiv region
  • A part of the iconostasis for the church of Saints Peter and Paul in Yasinuvata was produced by Beta-Agro-Invest carpentry workshop.
  • Limited Liability Partnership Beta-Agro-Invest was registered in the State Register of Ukraine as a producer of elite grain seeds.
  • Founder of the Company Ievgenii Ishchenko-Giller realized that success in the agricultural sector can be achieved only with high-performance agricultural machinery. The Company purchased the first John Deere machines.
  • The first flour grind is received on the modern mill complex Beta-Mlyn – it could process 120 tons of grain daily. This high quality flour was very popular among small and large enterprises producing food. With the outbreak of war on the Ukrainian territory in 2014, Beta-Mlyn was trapped in the occupied territory and was almost completely destroyed.
  • Limited Liability Partnership Beta Agro-Invest is founded.
  • Late 1990s – investments in agriculture. The availability of agricultural products led to the idea of their preservation and processing. A grain reception center is bought and the construction of a new mill complex is started.
  • Construction of an office building in Yasinuvata. Stylish and comfortable for employees, it was built using cutting edge technologies and high quality materials.
  • Private enterprise Beta is founded. Initially it was a small company, which was engaged mainly in trading activities. The trade allowed to form the initial capital for the development of the company.