Every company has the seeds of its future success in its best people.

Laszlo Bock, Work Rules!

Feedback from employees

MAKSIM RUD, Head of the Transport Department

I’ve been working for the Company since 1 October 2007. I settled on Beta, as it had a positive image in our city (the office at that time was in Yasinuvata, Donetsk region. My wife has been working at the same company since 2010.
I started my career as a security guard. Then I worked as a driver. I have always liked cars and everything related to trucks. When I was offered a job in the Transport Department, I took it with no doubts, and now I do what I like to do.
Beta is not just a workplace for me. It’s my second family. I go to work with pleasure. Our team are skilled professionals, and simply nice people it’s always comfortable to work with.
I am certain that our company will advance and reach even higher results, that all audacious plans will become reality. I wish our Company success and prosperity.

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NATALIA KOSENKO, Financial Director Assistant

I have been here since January 2018. My choice was motivated by the fact that the company was stable, the salary was decent, and I was also very pleased with the first job interview.
I am an office manager. This is my first job that does not frustrate me of going to the office. This means a lot to me, because I know how it feels – to push yourself to the hateful destination at the morning. Now I can say that I come here with the desire to work, to study.
People are the core factor of comfort at the workplace. I miss everyone who left, I am glad for every new colleague. I am very happy and respectful of everyone around me. Sometimes I think that I see these people more often than I see my family, so it turns out that work is my second family!
Of course everyone is unique, everyone has own rules, we are all different, but that is the whole point! Communication with so different people gives an impulse to self-development, makes me learn so much. In totality, the team is very nice and friendly. I am very grateful to people who smile when they see me in the hallways, and when we are on the phone. They support me when it’s difficult, they cheer me up when I’m stuck and don’t know what to do, they call me and are worried when I don’t show up for work. It is cool to work with such people!
Beta Company is as a great family, even a country with its own laws and traditions. For me, it is truly a great Company, which has already achieved so much became so advanced. I always find it fascinating to listen to the stories about its development. I see Beta as a Company that is wanted to work with and work for. I take comfort in the fact that I have already become a citizen of this country.
I believe that the Company has a promising future. In the short time I’ve been here, the company has matured and expanded. I hope that in the future it will become one of the top twenty agricultural holdings in Ukraine.

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YULIA KRAVCHENKO, Head of Development Department

In March 2021 I had a personal anniversary: 20 years in Beta Company.
I chose this Company because Beta has always been stable, its credo is to develop and advance.
I’ve worked as an office manager for several years. Then, I was promoted to a manager economist. Now I fill a seat of Head of the Development Department.
Every working day for me is a joy, expectation and a feeling of excitement. All the people I have worked with and still do are sensitive, interesting and qualified. Fortunately, it was never hard to communicate with my colleagues.
I have been working in Chernihiv since 2014. I accepted this offer with gratitude and joy. The move from the Donetsk region was caused by some difficult external circumstances. However, the strength of the will of the Founder of the Company and unity of the team made possible that the Company not only didn’t suspend their activities, but also developed further.
The Beta Group is an important part of my life. It’s a driving force thanks to which I have the opportunity to develop myself and advance at profession.
I’d like to point out that the company employs my mother and brother. My father used to work here as well (now retired).
As Head of Development Department, I am certain that the Company will continue to grow! The Owner of our Company is a person of tireless potential, a mastermind. We are the tools through which these ideas are realized! It’s great to be part of all these processes and see the results of our work.

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