An effective and beneficial cooperation is built on mutual respect and trust in each other.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Vitaliy Gnenniy

General Director of the Beta Group

Євгеній Володимирович Іщенко-Гіллер

We believe that reliable partners are the key to success of our business. Cooperative partnership means a lot for the B.I.G. Harvest Group – new technologies, modern machinery, access to working experience in Ukraine and other countries, new opportunities and prospects.

We choose carefully whom to work with, we are honest with our partners, we professionally deal with the terms of a contract, we are always responsible for our decisions.

We are certain that responsible business partnership based on the principles of professionalism, transparency, mutual trust contributes to a high standard of business, economic growth and forms favorable conditions for economic development of our country.

Building reliable, long-term business relations is not an easy task. We are open to speak and to look for mutually beneficial solutions. I am certain that there are no dead end situations if you deal with partners whom you trust and with whom you share the same views on cooperation and even moral and ethical values.

After the years on the scene we have gained great experience in successful partnerships with many well-known foreign and domestic companies.

We are grateful to our partners for their cooperation.