You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal.

Maya Angelou

Ishchenko-Giller Ievgenii

Company Founder

Євгеній Володимирович Іщенко-Гіллер

Life is worth living only when you do what you love.

If you ask me what my Company is to me, I’ll answer having no doubts – my work, my hobby, my life.

It so happens that I’ve been in business since I was 22 years old. My brother and I started from production and sales of flowers. Later, I started a bigger business – in 1991 I registered a private enterprise Beta.

In the beginning it was a small company. We were mainly engaged in trading activities. The trading allowed us to form the initial capital for the further development of the Company.

The initial moment in the company’s history was a measured investment agriculture. We successfully entered the agricultural market and took a good position. In 2000, Beta-Agro-Invest LLC was established and its activity was entirely focused on agriculture.

When war broke out in Ukraine in 2014, the Company faced serious problems. But faith in our strength and confidence in our team’s professionalism allowed us to make right decisions in a difficult situation. Our company has survived and continues to develop successfully.

I am grateful to the employees moving the Company forward for many years for their contribution to our success. Everyone I have worked with has supported me and continues to do so.

Currently the Company has considerable experience in the agricultural sector. There’s a team of specialists combining advanced technology and use of modern machinery with rational use of natural and land resource.

Beta Group farms over 30 thousand hectares of agricultural land and takes its rightful place among the most successful agricultural companies in Ukraine.


Production of high quality products using resource-saving farming to provide the population of Ukraine with quality products and to improve the food security of the state.

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Constant growth, mastering of new markets, deployment of new promising technologies and methods of production organization, which will ensure the efficient use of resources, improvement of working conditions and motivation of the Company’s employees

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– using of innovative technologies and modern agricultural machinery
– increasing output and quality of production
– reducing production costs
– expanding the product market
– increasing profit and competitive recovery

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The principles we follow in our work, on which we base our decisions and relationships with colleagues, partners and shareholders:

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Beta Group is a team of skilled and qualified employees.
All workers are officially employed and able to progress at career and self-realization.
The Company has been active for 30 years and has an impeccable reputation.
Respect for partners, level and open business conduct.
Use of advanced agricultural technologies and modern agricultural machinery.

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