Biogas factory

Biogas is a cheap, eco-friendly and renewable energy source. Its production allows proper utilization of animal and plant waste, reduces the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and saves resources, including land.

Biogas is used:

– for electrical power generation;

– for heating;

– in gas stations.

B.I.G. Harvest Group decided to join the green energy development in Ukraine and in January 2021 started construction of a biogas factory with 3.2 MW capacity in Chernihiv region (“North” Group).

This event was preceded by a long period of paperwork to get the building permit. We successfully passed all the necessary procedures, which are specified by Ukrainian law.

The construction period and the factory`s further operation means new working places in the region. It should be noted that the factory is located in a rural area, where there are serious problems with employment.

This is a new area of activity for the Company.  So we had a serious approach to the selection of the project, having previously seen dozens of bio complexes, which successfully operate on the territory of Europe. We chose professional and reliable contractors very carefully. The Company works together with the best contractors in Ukraine and Europe. Among them – SE “UkrSiverBud”, WOLF System (Germany).

The construction of the biogas factory in Chernihiv region is under way.

Commissioning of the factory is scheduled for 2022.


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