«B.I.G. Harvest Group plc» well prepared to spring works in the field, adding to its fleet of modern agriculture machinery the latest developments of John Deer, and equipped them with the useful satellite options. Company has purchased 2 tractors 8345R, 1 tractor 7930, as also related agriculture rigs. Including: cropper, cultivators, sowing machines, disc harrow, baler etc.


    In anticipation of the harvesting campaign, «B.I.G. Harvest Group plc» has purchased 2 grain combines John Deer T670 and corresponding attachments to them.


   The Harvest 2011 started. Agriculture enterprise «B.I.G. Harvest Group plc» started harvesting of winter wheat.


    Autumn now in full swing. And there is a harvesting on fields of "B.I.G. Harvest Group plc". It is time to harvest sunflower, corn and sorghum.



   Harvesting  of late grain and oil crops is finished. Next in line sowing of winter crops for harvest 2012.